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Our Story

Living in Madison, WI, we have come to love the culture that combines festive spirited gatherings with exceptional appreciation for high quality locally produced food and beverages. This is combined with our passion and knowledge of New Mexico chiles, the best chiles in the US.


These chiles are hot and spicy and unique in flavor.  We take this flavor to another level by fire roasting and combining them with our special spices. After many years of entertaining hockey parents with this homemade vodka infusion at tournaments, we were finally convinced to launch it commercially.


Thus, the inspiration for Mary's Hot Bottom vodka.  Mary’s is a handcrafted  premium vodka, with farm raised and roasted chiles of New Mexico, custom blended and infused to create an explosion of flavor that enhances the vodka.   


Originally conceived as the perfect vodka for a spicy bloody, we have found it makes great Moscow mules, vodka margaritas, and many other fantastic twists on your favorites. 



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